500 Yen Coins – July 2022

Hello everyone,

I just finished going to the bread shop downstairs for lunch (tuna and egg sandwhich, yummy!) and I found something new. When I was getting some money, one of my coins looked different from the others. Do you know which one it is?

The new one on the left and the old one on the right.

The 500 yen coin from this year, Reiwa 4, has a cool new design. It has two metalic colours and better balance in the design. It looks cool! It also reminded me of Canada’s biggest coin, the two dollar coin.

$2, or about 200 yen. It is an old coin, so Queen Elizabeth looks young here! Newer coins have a her as an old lady.

Canada often has special designs for special events and historical occasions. For example, when we had the Olympic Games there were sports designs.

Anyway, I thought it was nice to something new. But it is gone now, much like my sandwich. Have a good day!