Paper Towers! – Jul. 2022

Hello everyone,

This year the grade 1 high school students will study some different topics in their homeroom time. The economy, industry, tourism, etc. It is a way for them to better understand their community and how things work. Last week we met three times. The first was to listen to various speakers who talked about some different issues.

After that, the students signed up for the theme that was most interesting for them, and we mixed the classes and made groups. The next day, the students met in their new groups and we practiced some team building. The goal? To build the tallest paper tower in 5 minutes! The record in my class was 168cm.

For the third meeting we again met in our groups. This time we brainstormed some ideas to research together. After the summer we will meet again and continue learning about where we live.

Have a good week!