Bottle Caps – May 2022

Hello everyone,

The weather is getting warmer, tests are getting closer, students are studying longer, and teachers are working at 100%. School has definately warmed up since the start of the year and things are moving quickly. Of course there are big events, such as your tests, school trips, and the volleyball tournament. However, there are also many small things happening daily that deserve our attention.

Last week Oto-sensei and Kita-sensei announced that they were collecting bottle caps from plastic bottles. I went to the collection spot at lunch time to take a look, and I think we did a really good job! Check out these pictures!

If you wonder what happens to all those caps, there are various charities that collect them to raise money for vaccines. These days, the covid-19 vaccine is always in the news, but there are many other useful vaccines too. Our school donates them to an NGO that provides a malaria vaccine.

Whether it is something big or small, find a way to help during your school life. Have a good week and good luck on your tests!

Pocket Books – May 2022

Hello everyone,

Recently at my house, everyone is reading a lot of books. My son started reading a novel I gave him for his birthday last year, and he said he wanted to read some more. So, I got very excited and … well … the Amazon delivery man is very busy these days.

I’ve tried to remember some of the books I enjoyed reading when I was his age. One of them was a fantasy series called the “Belgariad”. I owned it in English, where it was two big books, and then I found it in Japanese where it was five!

I think Japanese people find this smaller size of book more convenient to carry and read, especially on a busy train or bus. Sometimes the books I like to read are one book in English, and three books (上, 中, and 下) in Japanese.

Anyway, the weather is perfect during this time of year. So, if you get the chance, enjoy reading outside before the mosquitos come!

Even/Odd – May 2022

Hello everyone,

It is a beautiful Saturday today, which is good because today is the day your parents can come to school and watch lessons. I think many grade 1 students will have their parents come, both in junior high school and high school. Of course, some teachers are nervous because people are watching them work, so please help them by doing your best!

We are still dealing with covid-19, so we cannot have everybody come at once. So this year, like last year, we will have two groups of parents. In second period, parents of students with even numbers can come and watch. Even numbers are numbers that you can divide by 2. For example, 2,4, 6, 8, and 10.

In third period, students with an odd number for their student number can welcome their parents. It is called an odd number because after you divide by 2, the numbers are not the same.

Whichever number you have, I look forward to seeing your mother or father today. Do your best and have a good Sunday!

Wakaba Festival! – May 2022

Hello everyone,

Today is our festival day, and the rain stopped just as we got started. Great timing! Here are a few pictures from today’s events…

The stage is busy with performances all day… good luck H3 classes!
Other classes have special shops for games and prizes. Here is M3D.
Many clubs also have their own rooms and spaces. Here is the photography club.
And the science club has been making AI driving cars. They are learning to code Raspberry Pi.
Decorations are everywhere, including a very hungry caterpillar.

One special event also returned after 5 years away. The teacher art gallery! I am always amazed how much talent there is amongst our staff. Who do you think drew these different pictures?

Enjoy the rest of your festival, and also Golden Week!

Getting ready for the festival. – April 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday (ever though it was rainy… again…). This week has a different scedule than normal:

Monday – Thursday we have regular lessons. After school many clubs and classes will be getting ready for the school festival.

Friday is Showa Day, so there is no school on that day.

On Saturday our new students will have their first mass, while other classes get ready for the festival. We will also watch the club showcase.

Sunday is our festival, I hope we have nice weather on that day!

After that we start Golden Week. You can take a chance to relax, see your family and friends, and start to get ready for mid-term tests.

Good luck and enjoy!

Wakayama Castle – April 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend and refreshed for this week. As I wrote last time, on Saturday my class had some extra homeroom time. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go to Wakayama Castle.

Nakatani-sensei made a mini quiz, and students set out to find the answer to the questions in the castle grounds. Afterwards, we enjoyed having a picnic lunch with our new friends.

Soon classes will be busy everday, so it is always nice to take advantage of free time when you get it. Thanks for the nice day H1D!

H1 New Student “Camp” – April 2022

Hello everyone,

On Thursday and Friday of this week, our H1 students had their new student “camp”. I put the word camp in quotation marks because we are having it at the school this year. Usually we go to a beautiful spot in the mountains, but because of covid-19 we are playing it safe.

Yesterday my class listened to Sr. Morita talk about “Big Love” and Mr. Yamauchi talk about their future in university. We also practiced some formations with Mr. Miyamoto and played a rhythm dance game.

Today we had a talk from Mr. Yamano. After that, we had some time together as a class to make new friends, play some games, and think of our class goal. Now students are writing an essay before we have cleaning time and head home.

Hopefully they learned a bit about how to be a successful student and they remember the lessons in the future. Tomorrow we have some more homeroom time… what should we do? Check in next time to find out.

Sr. Morita’s talk…
Mr. Miyamoto leads the group…
Mr. Yamano’s talk in the hall…
The results of our drawing dengon game…
Writing our reflections…

A busy start – April 2022

Hello everyone,

It is only April 12th, but already it feels more like summer than spring. The cherry blossoms are almost all gone, and I used the AC in my car coming to work today. The season changes so fast!

Golden Week is coming soon, but before that we have some important events at school. New M1 and H1 students will have a two day orientation this week and next week. Other classes will have some homeroom time to get ready for the school festival. Of course, classes have also started, so there are small tests and homework to do as well.

In order to enjoy all the special events, you should stay organized with your study as well. Make a calendar, or a “to-do” list, and try to finish most of it each day. Then you will experience a worry-free festival and Golden Week. Good luck!

A little nervous… – April 2022

Hello everyone,

I am starting my 11th year at Shin-ai, and I have been a grade 1 teacher (junior high school or high school) … 7 times! I think I am lucky because I can help students get used to school and have a good relationship with them from the start. However, this also means I have many “first homeroom times” with new students, and with their parents too! Talking to my class when mothers and fathers are watching always makes me a little nervous.

M1 and H1 students, maybe you are feeling nervous too. For many of you this is a new school, with new teachers to meet and new friends to make. It is natural to feel that way. I think if you come to school with energy and a smile, you will soon be able to relax and enjoy your time at Shin-Ai.

Maybe you are nervous to talk to me (Allen) or Mr. Xan, but don’t be shy! A big greeting of “Good Morning!” is the best way to start. Good luck to everyone as you start your Shin-Ai life.

Welcome Back! – April 2022

Hello everyone!

Today is the first day back at school for our grade 2 and 3 students. Did you enjoy your spring vacation? It was a little cooler than usual, but I am sure the hot weather is coming soon.

While you were busy finishing up your homework and spending time with family and friends, teachers have been busy getting ready for the new year. New classrooms, new teaching teams, new books, new everything!

Soon you will be in your new classrooms with a new schedule and new challenges ahead. I hope you have a great year, full of fun and study. Come talk to me any time if you need help, or just want to chat.

My dogs enjoying the cherry blossoms this spring… did you?