30 Day Challenge Update – Jun. 2021

Hello everyone,

Well, final exams are only one week away. Are you getting ready? A few weeks ago I wrote about the idea of “30-day challenges” as a way to try something new. Today I want to give you an update on my class.

For M3C, their challenge was to write about the “key point” of each of their lessons everyday. I made a special book with the schedule on the front, and then space for each lesson. The idea was that writing down the important point for each lesson will make it easier to study for exams, because all the important ideas would be in the same place.

At the end of each day, Higashi-sensei and I collect the books and give them a check and a stamp. It is tough work for students, but they are doing really well. Let’s take a look!

Here is the front page with the schedule.
Here is the social studies page.
Here is another girl’s Math 1 page. Looks difficult!
M3 students started studying Japanese classics this year.
Here is a page about Mr. Kitano’s biology lessons.

There are only 7 more days to go in this 30 day challenge. I hope my students can make it to the finish line, and I also hope that taking these notes will help them study for their exams. Good luck everyone!