We’re back! Setting goals… – Apr. 2021

Hello everyone!

Last time I wrote on this page it was at the end of a long year. I wrote that page, turned off my computer, and went home to relax and refresh. I hope you did the same! Now school is back and I am ready to go.

Every year at school I try to set a new challenge. Four years ago it was to start this blog. Three years ago I began an eiken extra lesson after school. Last year I did many lessons online and learned new technology. So now I am thinking about 2021-22.

This year we have a new teacher from Canada named Xan. He moved to Wakayama in March and began teaching this week. He has many things to learn about our school, students, and way of studying at Shin-ai. I remember when I came to this school, I had to work very hard to learn many things. So, my challenge this year is to help Xan become the best teacher he can be.

How about you? What will you challenge this year? Maybe you have a study challenge, like being top 3 in your class. Maybe you have an attendance challenge, so you will never miss school. Maybe you have a lifestyle challenge, like saying a big “Good Morning!” to your class every day.

Whatever you decide, I hope you use this year to improve yourself, and help people around you. This year’s school motto is “together”. So, let’s work together and have a great year. And, if you see Xan in the hallway, give him a big hello!

Stay healthy,