Torch Relay – April 2021

Hello everyone!

It is Monday, welcome back to school. On Friday and Saturday there was a big event in Wakayama. The Olympic torch relay was held! On Friday it was in the south of Wakayama. Ms. Fujisaki was a runner, you should ask her about it. On Saturday the relay was in Wakayama City. It was both exciting, because it is a rare event, and sad, because we couldn’t all go outside and cheer.

I was reminded of the 2010 Olympics in Canada, because my step-father was a runner as well. In fact, he kept his torch and it is at his home now. What a great way to remember it!

Hopefully by the time summer comes we will have a better idea how to hold a fun and safe Olympics. Until then, stay safe and smart by washing your hands, wearing your masks, and not going to crowded places.

Bonus question! The last time the Olympics were in Japan was 1998. One Shin-ai teacher, who was a student then, ran in the relay. Look at the picture, can you find them? If you know the answer, please tell me!

Maybe if we zoom in a little, it is easier to see…