A year like no other… – Mar. 2021

Hello everyone,

Today we held a ceremony for the grade 3 junior high school students. After spring vacation they will move up to the high school. After school today teachers were signing their yearbooks. I try to write a different message for every student, but the theme is usually the same. Three years feels like a long time day-by-day, but now that it is finished, it is very fast.

Sr. Morita’s talk for the end of the year was about the many challenges we all faced. A lot of events couldn’t be held, and a lot of new rules had to be followed. The cheerful chatter at lunch time was muted, and we washed and washed and washed our hands. It was hard, but I am really proud of all the students and teachers that we did not have an outbreak at school. Because everyone was willing to work together we could all stay safe.

Next year the world will be bouncing back from the virus, and we will have new chances to enjoy our time. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s face soon. Until then, good job this year, enjoy your spring break, and thank you for everything.