Junior High School Singing… Contest? – Mar. 2021

Hello everyone,

The year is almost over and spring vacation is coming soon. I hope you are ready to relax, refresh, and reset for the new year. This year has been a big challenge, so thank you for coming to school with your smiles everyday. I know many events were changed or cancelled, but I am proud of all our students and teachers for making a big effort this year.

One event we could not hold live was the junior high school chorus singing contest. It was disappointing because it is a good chance for teamwork. However, Ms. Sakai helped you practice in your lessons and recorded your songs for everyone to hear. I enjoyed listening to them, and I can’t wait until we can all do it together again.

Grade 1, Class A:RAIN B:Believe C:正解 D:変わらないもの https://youtu.be/FHDwwPrpeKY

Grade 2, Class A:ハナミズキ B:RPG C:Story D:Hikari https://youtu.be/UxJLbN-rmXo

Grade 3, Class A:カイト B:あとひとつ C:いつかこの涙が D:奏 https://youtu.be/7ineYxj8Z-g

Thank you again Sakai-sensei! See you tomorrow everyone.