Temperature Print Graffiti – Oct. 2020

Hello everyone,

One of the new things this year that we have to do every day is check our temperature. Every morning I check mine and my kids before we leave for school. In my classroom, students give me their temperature paper every morning and I check. This is a small thing to help manage our health in this Covid-19 problem.

But… it is mendokusai, right? I think so too. I know it is important, but it is still 5 minutes every day. However, some of my students have become more creative this term. And, their creativity helps me do these “everyday jobs” more cheerfully. How? Let’s look!

Some girls mark their paper with the sign of their favorite group. Astro fans unite!
Some girls start a picture, and I try to add to it. I like the caterpillar the best.
Other girls write short English comments to me. Sometimes they are not happy about homework, other times they are excited for an easy day.
And sometimes we go on a multi-day adventure. This one is my favorite.

It is a small thing, but being creative helps make the “everyday jobs” more fun. Stay healthy and have a good weekend!

A bird’s eye view – Oct. 2020

Hello everyone,

On Wednesday we had our culture event. It was the first time this year that all the students have been together in one place. Of course, because there were no parents, students could sit with social distance and wear their masks. This meant, however, that some students had to in the balcony area. Because they will have many more culture events, junior high school grades 1 and 2 sat up there, and high school grade 3 students were down at the front. This was my view of the manzai comedy:

When you see something from a high place, we call it a “bird’s eye view”. We imagine this is how a bird sees things as they fly over the earth. It was still a good time, however. Thanks for everyone who organized it!

Be a Cheerful Giver – Oct. 2020

Hello everyone,

Today was my day to give a bible reading. I chose a passage from 2 Corinthians, chapter 9, verses 6 and 7. I really like the message of this part. Recently my grandmother is not feeling well, so after I read this to you all this morning, I called her in Canada and read it to her as well. Maybe there is someone special in your life you want to read it to. Feel free to share, give it cheerfully.

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

“A cheerful giver.” What a great phrase. In this passage, Paul is talking about giving your offering of money at church.

When I was a boy in Canada, I went to church every Sunday. I had to go, my grandfather was the minister! At one point in the service, everyone would be singing a song, and the collection plates would pass through the congregation. People put their offering of money into the plate and passed it on. Nobody saw how much you put in. It was between you and God. You decided it in your heart.

In your daily life, you don’t give money at church. However, there are other gifts you give. Being a good friend, greeting people at school everyday, and giving a helping hand in the classroom or at home are all very important gifts.

So I encourage you all to give these things with your heart. Don’t wait to be asked, help someone when your heart tells you to. If you do so, you will both feel lifted up. The way to surround yourself with happiness is to be a “cheerful giver”.

Shel Silverstein – Oct. 2020

Hello everyone,

Scary guy, big heart!

It is the middle of October and fall is here. This is my favorite time of year. In Japan we say that fall is the season for reading, and the other day I was reading some poems by an author named “Shel Silverstein”. Mr. Silverstein was a scary looking man with a big beard and a shaved head. However, he wrote very sensitive and loving poems for children. His main message was to believe in yourself and accept others for what they are. He also wrote some funny poems too. Let’s look at some of them today.


I think this is me on Sundays. Do you ever feel so lazy that you just want to wait for life to come to you? The words here look like raindrops.

I like this poem because it reminds us that we are responsible for our lives. There are four simple ideas here.

  • The screen door. If you take care of things, they will last longer.
  • The bread. Don’t be greedy, and you will have more.
  • The day. You choose how good your day is.
  • The friend. If you give them love, they will be full of it.

This poem tells us to be ourselves, and we will find our true friends. In this poem, both of them are hiding their face because they have blue skin, so they cannot find each other. They wanted to find someone with the same skin: “They searched for blue their whole life through…” However, because they were too afraid to show their own face, they missed their chance.

Be yourself, take care of your friends, and enjoy your lazy Sundays. Have a great week.


99 – Oct. 2020

Hello everyone,

Thinking about the number 99…

  • Einsteinium is 99 on the periodic table
  • The best hockey player ever wore 99 on his jersey
  • You can write it like this: 9.9 × 101
  • You can get to 99 with this: 23 + 33 + 4
  • 99 is a polite number, (44+45)

It is also the number of days left until the center test for our seniors.

The next 99 days will go by quickly. You can do a lot with that time, or you can be the same person you are now. Everyday is long, but the next 99 will go by in a flash.

The typhoon is coming tomorrow, take care and be safe.