Temperature Print Graffiti – Oct. 2020

Hello everyone,

One of the new things this year that we have to do every day is check our temperature. Every morning I check mine and my kids before we leave for school. In my classroom, students give me their temperature paper every morning and I check. This is a small thing to help manage our health in this Covid-19 problem.

But… it is mendokusai, right? I think so too. I know it is important, but it is still 5 minutes every day. However, some of my students have become more creative this term. And, their creativity helps me do these “everyday jobs” more cheerfully. How? Let’s look!

Some girls mark their paper with the sign of their favorite group. Astro fans unite!
Some girls start a picture, and I try to add to it. I like the caterpillar the best.
Other girls write short English comments to me. Sometimes they are not happy about homework, other times they are excited for an easy day.
And sometimes we go on a multi-day adventure. This one is my favorite.

It is a small thing, but being creative helps make the “everyday jobs” more fun. Stay healthy and have a good weekend!