A Bench Adventure – October 2019

Hello everyone!

Today is the second day of mid-term tests, and it is a beautiful day outside. I hope you do your best this morning. Remember when you are studying to take a 5-10 minute break every hour to rest your eyes and stretch your body. Teachers too! When you are marking tests at your desk, take a break to refresh.

Last week we had our sports day at Big Whale stadium. I arrived early to help park the bicycles and saw something interesting. There was a new type of bench in front of the arena. And… there was some interesting English on it:

First of all, the katakana use of “adventure”+”bench” is super funny. Nice job. But secondly, look at that English! It sounds like someone is telling the bench itself not to sleep! Of course it should read “A bench you can’t sit on.”

As you take your tests, make sure you take the time to double check your answers when you finish. That way you don’t make a careless mistake like the adventure bench here. Good luck!