The calm before the storm – Allen

I don’t think I am alone this morning when I say that 「my legs hurt」. A lot of energy was spent yesterday at the Big Whale Stadium during this year’s sports festival. I was most impressed with the yellow block, who cheered the loudest out of the four. When the students lined up to hear Sister Morita’s goodbye address, the look on the faces of some of the third year students told me that reality was sinking in. After six years this was their last sports day, school is rapidly coming to an end, and the life of a new world outside Shin Ai’s cozy confines is steadily approaching.

For my own class, second grade junior high school, that realization is far in the distance. For now they are focused on the upcoming school trip. Tomorrow we leave for Nagasaki. There has been much discussion amongst the teachers for the past week about what to do regarding the approaching typhoon. However, checking the radar this morning it appears that it is moving east, away from Kyushu. Prayers work!

Thanks to the great planning of Horie-sensei and Nakatani-sensei, I have no doubt that the trip will go off without a problem. Have a wonderful weekend! いってきます!