University Visit – Nov. 2023

Hello everyone,

Yesterday our school had a lot of events. Grade 1 junior high school students went to Kumanokodo. Grade 3 students had some work experience. In the high school, grade 1 and 2 students visited some different universities in the Kansai area. It was a good chance for our students to see what university life is like, talk to some of the students there, take a lesson, and (most importantly!) try the cafeteria food!

My group went to Kobe Women’s University. It is a very beautiful campus on the top of a mountain. Here are some pictures:

The campus has four main buildings that surround this center area.
In the morning we listened to a guest lecturer from Tokyo.
This is the view from the library. The sky was so nice, we had good weather.
Our lesson was about “Easy Japanese”, which was very interesting for me!

Grade 1 students have another chance to go next year, while grade 2 students need to start thinking of their plans after Shin-ai. Have a good week!