Cheering from up close and afar – Nov. 2023

Hello everyone,

Last week was quite different from our usual schedule. On November 3rd there was a national holiday, but we had to come to school! In the morning we had an open lesson for parents to come and watch, and in the afternoon we went to cheer on the volleyball team in their final game of the Wakayama bracket.

As usual, our opponent was Kaichi High School. Our two schools have very different ways of supporting the teams. Kaichi has a brass band and dance team. They practiced hard to support their girls. On the other hand, our school has “girl power”, which means 700 girls were using their voices to power up our side.

Third grade high school students did not attend, because their important tests are coming soon. After school, however, many students stayed behind to watch the game online. As I was helping some students, I could hear the cheers coming from many different classrooms every time we scored a point. I thought it was amazing that even from afar, we could still watch and support our friends.

Good luck to the volleyball club in their next challenge, and good luck to those H3 students who are battling for their future as well. Everyone is cheering for you, no matter where you are.

A tight start to the game.
Pulling away in the last set.
All homework stopped as our students cheered to the end!