A Special Student – May 2023

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I read Oto-sensei’s story on the front of the school home page. She talked about a memory she had when teaching while parents were watching. Because of her story, and because parents are coming to watch tomorrow, I also had a memory come to mind.

I was teaching high school grade three listening many years ago. It was fall, so we were using the computer room to practice listening for the center listening test. I was worried about the parents coming to watch, because the students would each have their own computer and there was not much to see.

So, the lesson before, I asked the students whose parents would be coming to watch. Only one girl raised her hand! I asked her to tell her mother to bring her earphones. Then, that week, I prepared a special listening test just for her mother. On the open lesson day, while the students concentrated on their listening test, this student’s mother also did her best on her special listening.

At the end of the lesson I marked her test. She did pretty well! She had a chance to experience the pressure her daughter was under as she studied on the home stretch before the center test.

Now I will give you a hint to who the student was… she is now a teacher at our school! Do you know the answer? Come tell me!