Congratulations Tennis Club! – Apr. 2023

Hello everyone,

This is our first full week of school and there are many things to do. We had our health check yesterday, new students will go to camp tomorrow, and very importantly, we celebrated our tennis club’s victory at the national championships in March.

The Shin-ai tennis team has always been strong, but recently they have had two tremendous victories. This time in Nagoya they came out on top. We gathered high school students in the gym while junior high school students watched from their classrooms. After some speeches from the principal, the student council, the coach and the captain, the team toured the building with the school flag to lots of applause.

There are three big tournaments a year, so hopefully the team continues their winning ways in the summer.

It had been a long time since so many students had gathered together in the gym. It was nice to see, and hopefully we are getting back to normal step by step.
Here is Mr. Nakayama and his team getting ready to enter the ceremony.
*Pachi* *Pachi* says the student council.