Rocket Girls Launch Day – Apr. 2023

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday. It really was a great spring day. That was important because yesterday was the launch day for the Shin-Ai rocket girls! They have worked hard for the past few months making their rocket and preparing for today. I heard they were at Wakayama University until almost 10pm the day before… and that is after going to school in the morning!

A number of teachers and parents enjoyed the views of Wakayama’s mountains and the sea as the three groups prepared to launch. Then, as each rocket launched, there was a tense feeling as we saw their work blast off into the sky.

All three rockets were launched successfully, and one of the three deployed the parachute and drifted back to the ground. It was a great success.

For new H1 students, you will have a chance to join this program at the end of the year. I really recommend it as it is a once in a lifetime chance. Some of your teachers were once rocket girls themselves, so you can ask them about it.

Now it is time for a full week at school as we get ready for the school festival. Do your best!

Setting up the launcher.
The teams moving around the launch field. What a beautiful day!
One of the rockets getting the final touches.
Ready to go!




































While they all launched, the parachutes didn’t always cooperate.