What can you cook? – Feb. 2023

Hello everyone,

In today’s online English lesson, the students were talking about food. One of the questions was “What can you cook?” There were many different answers. Some people said “fried egg”, some people said “curry”, and some people said “nothing!”

I am not very good at cooking, but if my wife is not home there are a few meals I can make. Fortunately, my wife is a good cook, so I can eat delicious food every day. Yesterday she made a new dish, and I thought it was something that even the “nothing!” girls could try.

Steamed Chinese Cabbage and Pork Belly

Step 1: Put thinly sliced pork between the layers of the cabbage.

Step 2: Pack the steaming post tightly, add some water, and steam for 40 minutes or until the cabbage is soft. For a dipping sauce, a little ponzu sauce and a sprinkle of chilies for spice is perfect.

Step 3: You can serve it directly from the pot, and this goes well with rice and some miso soup.

Try this at home and give your mother or father (or grandmother or grandfather) a break from cooking. Don’t forget dessert!