Common Sense – Sept. 2022

Hello everyone,

Last night the sky was angry, as thunder rumbled across Wakayama and Osaka. The rain came off and on, and we woke up to grey skies. Hopefully you could come to school without getting too wet.

On rainy mornings, Mr. Yamauchi and I put the umbrella driers near the doors so the floor doesn’t get too wet. Today when I was doing that, I saw something new near the shoe boxes.

It is a box for students to put their disposable contact lens garbage. I wear glasses, not contacts, but I guess there is a lot of plastic waste made every day. It makes sense to recycle that plastic.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder why the container was made of platic, and the bag inside was made of plastic. If we are trying to reduce plastic waste, wouldn’t a container made of something else be better?

There are no easy answers to environmental problems, but making more platic waste to reduce plastic waste doesn’t seem like the most “common sense” idea to me. What do you think?