Bottle Caps – May 2022

Hello everyone,

The weather is getting warmer, tests are getting closer, students are studying longer, and teachers are working at 100%. School has definately warmed up since the start of the year and things are moving quickly. Of course there are big events, such as your tests, school trips, and the volleyball tournament. However, there are also many small things happening daily that deserve our attention.

Last week Oto-sensei and Kita-sensei announced that they were collecting bottle caps from plastic bottles. I went to the collection spot at lunch time to take a look, and I think we did a really good job! Check out these pictures!

If you wonder what happens to all those caps, there are various charities that collect them to raise money for vaccines. These days, the covid-19 vaccine is always in the news, but there are many other useful vaccines too. Our school donates them to an NGO that provides a malaria vaccine.

Whether it is something big or small, find a way to help during your school life. Have a good week and good luck on your tests!