Pocket Books – May 2022

Hello everyone,

Recently at my house, everyone is reading a lot of books. My son started reading a novel I gave him for his birthday last year, and he said he wanted to read some more. So, I got very excited and … well … the Amazon delivery man is very busy these days.

I’ve tried to remember some of the books I enjoyed reading when I was his age. One of them was a fantasy series called the “Belgariad”. I owned it in English, where it was two big books, and then I found it in Japanese where it was five!

I think Japanese people find this smaller size of book more convenient to carry and read, especially on a busy train or bus. Sometimes the books I like to read are one book in English, and three books (上, 中, and 下) in Japanese.

Anyway, the weather is perfect during this time of year. So, if you get the chance, enjoy reading outside before the mosquitos come!