Student Teachers – June 2021

Hello everyone,

Starting last week we have some guests at our school. Ten young women are here as student teachers to do three weeks of “on-the-job” training. For these three weeks they will watch lessons, and then practice teaching their own. They will also learn about what teachers do outside the classroom, such as preparation and taking care of the class paperwork.

For students, this is a good chance to talk to Shin-ai graduates. Four years ago they were studying hard as high school seniors. They have a lot of important experience and memories of our school that they can share with you. Take some time to talk to them and you can get some good advice.

For student teachers, these three weeks will be a very different rhythm than you are used to as university students. Maybe your feet will be tired the first week. Do your best, ask lots of questions, and enjoy being back at Shin-ai for this short time.

For teachers, it is a chance to see how some of our former students have grown up into adults. From Sports Day relay champion…

To a P.E. teacher in the making!

Good luck!