Online English… Getting Ready – Aug. 2020

Hello everyone,

Our online English lessons at school happen from Tuesday to Friday. An important part of a good online lesson is getting ready. This means, before your class, you need to read the chapter in your textbook that you will talk about. Check new words in your dictionary. Practice reading the dialogue. Prepare answers to the questions. If you do these things, your online lesson will be easier and more fun.

Take a look at this book from my lesson yesterday. This was done before the lesson started:

This student is ready with her answers, and has read the page. Good job!

The other thing you should prepare is a story to talk about at the start. If your teacher asks: “How are you?” “Fine” is not an interesting answer. Instead, try telling the teacher something interesting that has happened to you in the last week.

“I’m good. I finished school on Saturday and then enjoyed going to the mall with my friends on Sunday. I bought a new shirt and had ice cream.”

This small story can lead to a much longer and more natural conversation with your teacher, and it is more fun. You just need to prepare a little bit first.

I hope you are enjoying your online lessons, and come practice with me anytime if you need help!