Online English 2020 start!

Hello everyone,

This week our online English classes started again. For grade 2 junior high school students, and our new grade 1 high school students, it is their first time to experience an online lesson. I am lucky this year that I supervise all those classes, so I can help guide the students in their online journey.

One thing that is different this year is that many of the teachers who usually work in an office are now teaching from their home. Because of this, they can teach without wearing masks, so our students can easily see their face. However, our students are all wearing masks, so it is important for them to speak clearly, so that their teacher can hear them.

The other important thing is to have a story to share. Even if students only talk about their daily life, it is still something that helps make a connection with their teacher.

Anyway, good luck in the program everyone. Let me know if you need any help (or if you forget your book!)