M2 Starting again! – June 2020

Hello everyone,

After two months of a very different school life, students are back for lessons this morning. Studying takes practice, so students need to get back their habits. Today is the first step. As for me, I was busy saying good morning to everyone that I forgot to go to the teachers’ morning meeting! Teachers have to get their habits back too!

Some things are different, of course. Remember to wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep distance with your friends. The cafeteria will open on the 15th, but only for bento boxes. Make sure you keep distance while waiting for the washroom.

But these are just small changes we can all make. Getting back to school, meeting your new teachers, and starting your study habits again are the big challenges. Of course, it all starts by coming to school, and today M2 was perfect.

Great job, and keep it up!