The Royal Family – October 2019

Hello everyone,

Last time I wrote about the special ceremony on Tuesday. Did you watch it at home? It was “history in the making”, which means an event that will become history is happening in real time.

The announcer on TV said that there were 2000 people at the event. Some of them were world leaders, and some of them were members of other royal families around the world. Take at look at the man in the middle of this picture:

Do you know his name? He is Prince Charles, from England. He is a member of the Royal Family of England. His mother is Queen Elizabeth. She has been queen since 1952, making her longest King or Queen in England’s history. Prince Charles has been waiting a long time to be king. He is 70 years old!

After Prince Charles are his two sons, Prince William and Prince Henry. They have started their own families now. One big problem for them is the media, or paparazzi. These paparazzi follow them everywhere, taking pictures to sell to newspapers and magazines. When William and Henry were boys, their mother Princess Diana was killed in a car accident trying to get away from them.

Today, the Royal Family does not have real political power. It is mostly cultural influence. Canada has a long connection to England because of our shared history. So, if you look at Canada’s money you will see Queen Elizabeth on the coins. One interesting thing is that the older the coin, the younger the picture. New coins have an elderly queen while old coins have a younger queen.


Some people in both England and Canada say that the Royal Family is not a good thing in today’s society. The people of the country pay for their lifestyle. Why should some people be born rich, and never have to worry? Other people say that the history and culture of the Royal Family is important to keep.

What do you think? Come tell me about it. Have a good week!