Canada 2019, Day 2

Day 2,

Yesterday was our first full day at school. We all met at 9:00 and met our buddies that will be studying with us this week. After some games to “break the ice”, we learned about Canadian money. After lunch we went to America! Kind of… the Canada/USA border is close to our school, so we went to the “Peace Arch”. It celebrates peace between the two countries. After that we explored the town of White Rock. Students had a photo scavenger hunt.

This morning is a little cloudy and cool, so students are dressed warmly. Today they will learn about First Nations people and make a dreamcatcher.

Here are some pictures from yesterday…

Studying in the morning with our buddies.

At the Peace Arch with our buddies.

A message of friendship.

A failed jumping photo.

The Peace Arch park was partly made from donations by children from both Canada and America.

Young at heart.