World ~ Day! – Oct. 2023

Hello everyone,

On Thursday, Mr. Yamauchi asked me “Did you know that today is ‘World Teacher Day’?” I didn’t, and I got excited, because I thought maybe that we would have a holiday! But we actually still had classes. October 5th is “World Teacher Day” which celebrates the work of teachers everywhere.

Then I started thinking… are there days for other jobs too? How about… “World Nurse Day”? There is! It is on May 12th, which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. How about a “World Pilot Day”? There is one of those too! It is on April 26th, because that is the day a famous pilot from Turkey first flew.

Then I started searching for things that are a little bit stranger…

  • World Hamburger Day is May 28th
  • World Movie Day is on February 10th
  • World Ice Cream Day is on July 16th
  • World ‘Hug Your Cat’ Day is June 6th

… and on and on and on. So, if you want to make up a new holiday, just call it “World ~ Day”, and pick a spot on the calendar. Don’t worry, the other events can share the space! After all, there are only 365 days a year, so we need to be good holiday neighbors. I mean, September 19th is both World Gymnastics Day AND World ‘Talk Like A Pirate’ Day.