Wakayama… cola? – Sept. 2023

Hello everyone,

At my house the tv usually has one of three things playing: baseball, anime, or the news. Usually the news is national and international, covering the big stories of the day. So, sometimes I try to search for more local news, to see what is happening in my own “backyard”. This news is often happier and more relatable to me.

For example, did you know there is a peach cola being made right here in Wakayama? Hakki Farm in Kinokawa was looking for a way to use peaches were bruised, rather than just throwing them away. After consulting with a company in Osaka for ideas, and then a scientist in Yuasa for a recipe, they finished making their new product in June.

Finding a way to use things that would otherwise be thrown away is important. Also, it is amazing how many different kinds of jobs are out there for you to try. “Peach cola designer” sounds pretty good to me!