A “work in progress” – April 2023

Good morning everyone,

Today for our morning announcement, Mrs. Kawamoto talked about some of the design elements of our school. The windows, the window shades, the colors, a lot of thought went into the school design. As she was talking, I remembered when the new school was being built. It was really amazing how school kept operating while the new buildings were being constructed. It took a lot of improvisation and effort from both the students and teachers. I remember teaching M3 lessons in classrooms on the top floor of the bicycle building… super hot!

Anyway, one thing I did was take a picture of the construction each Saturday to see the progress of the work. Here are a few of them to give you an idea…

Finally, I’ll give you a bonus picture. Once the buildings were completed, something was removed from the ground. Any idea what it was?

Here is another bonus! Did you ever wonder how the statue of Mary flew to the top of our school? Well, here is a video that I made from that day.

Enjoy your festival, and have a great Golden Week!