Looking for inspiration – Jan. 2023

Hello everyone,

Right now Nakatani-sensei is beside me thinking hard. It is her turn to write the school blog today and she has no ideas. I am sitting next to her, thinking hard, because I wanted to write this page today.

What we both need is something called “inspiratation”. Inspiration is the thing that gives us ideas, helps us act, or gives us a path to the future. For example, some people who make art say they are “inspired by nature”, and that helps them create new works. Other people who take action, such as volunteering, say they are “inspired by” someone who is already doing good things. Maybe you know someone who is working as a nurse, or teacher, and that inspires you do become one too.

In your daily life you affect the people around you, and they affect you. Maybe you do your best in your club, and in that way you inspire your club mates. Or, maybe you see your friend studying hard, and they inspire you to do the same.

So, thank you Nakatani-sensei. Our small conversation today inspired me to write this message. Good luck on your entry!