Storm Watching – Sep. 2022

Hi everyone. On Tuesday afternoon our beautiful sunny day changed quickly. Black clouds covered the sun, rain started to fall, and we could see lighting and hear thunder. I was worried about students who ride their bicycles home. However, they storm soon went away and everyone could go home safely.

When I wake up in September I usually check the weather first. The ocean water is warm from the summer, which means storms can start over water and then move to where we live. There are different names for these storms.

Near Central America and the USA, they are called hurricanes. In the Indian Ocean, they are called cyclones. Near Japan and Korea they are called typhoons. Typhoons  get a number. Today, typhoon 18 has formed. For hurricanes, they are given names. The names are male and female, and there are six lists that are used in rotation.

Right now, Hurricane Ian is hitting Florida. It is the 9th hurricane, so it is the 9th letter of the alphabet. If there is a very bad storm, the name is retired and another name is chosen. For example, Hurricane Katrina was very terrible, so it will not be used again. It looks like today’s Hurricane Ian is also bad, so it might be the last time we see that name.

I hope you all stay safe during this storm season. Good luck on your tests!