Tsukaguchi Shopping Street – Sep. 2022

Hello everyone,

It has been a very busy month, with lessons and events and holidays and typhoons… mid-term tests are almost here! I can’t believe how time flies.

On Thursday grade 1 high school students has a “field work” event, where we listened to some talks by people from outside school. There are five different areas of study, and my team is studying the economics of shopping streets during the era of big malls. So, we took a bus to Amagasaki to visit Tsukaguchi Shopping Street. We listened to a talk from a business leader, and then visited various shops to talk with the store owners about their work. Now the students will take their new information and make a presentation about it during the second term.

Here are some pictures!

Here we are at Tsukaguchi Station, listening to a lecture.
We had time to ask some early questions.
Then we went to the shopping street and had a tour.
We ate lunch at the restaurants that were part of the shopping street organization. Italian… delicious!
These are the businesses that are working together to make their businesses grow.
Armed with new information, we had another question and answer time at the end. Thank you to the Tsukaguchi Shopping Street organization for helping us!