Summer Festivals – July 2022

Hello everyone,

Parents and children are watching the Fireworks

If it almost time for your final exams, then summer vacation is (1) just around the corner! The weather has been (2) broiling hot these days, but summer vacations are important too.

I was reading the newspaper today, and one (3) article said that many summer festivals will restart this year. For many places it has been three years since their last event.

I think it would be nice to enjoy a festival at night, because it is so hot during the day. That makes fireworks a great choice! It is outside, so it is safer, and at night, so it is cooler.

I can often hear fireworks from my window at night in the summer. I hope to be able to watch them live this year (4) as well.

Have a good weekend,


  1. “just around the corner” means “coming soon”
  2. “broiling” means very very hot. Your oven has a “broil” setting.
  3. a newspaper “article” means a newspaper story.
  4. “as well” means “too” or “also”.