Little by Little – Jan. 2021

Hello everyone,

Today is Thursday, but there are no Shin-ai students at school today! It is the last junior high school entrance test for this year. I hope everyone taking the test does their best today. Good luck!

When you have a big job, like studying for a test, it is best to do it a little everyday. You can’t remember everything in one study session. But, if you study things day by day, you will remember them. That is the same for all work, really.

Recently one of our cleaning teams has been cleaning the tiles by the principal’s room. It isn’t possible to clean them all at once. However, day by day they have been working. Now they are almost finished, and it looks great! Take a look:

Starting…                                  Getting better…                 Almost done!

Just like this cleaning, treat your studies like a journey and I am sure you will reach your goals. H3 girls, you have finished your center test, now is the last push for university tests. Good luck! One more month!