A Good Day! – Aug. 2020

Hello everyone,

Many events have been paused at schools in Wakayama because of the corona virus. However, when one thing stops, there is an opportunity to try somthing new! On Saturday our regular lessons were cancelled and each grade made a plan to enjoy the day. Some of the highlights I heard about were:

  • making rockets in the science rooms,
  • a water fight at the tennis court, and
  • an esports tournament on the first floor!

As for grade 2 junior high school, my class, we enjoyed playing table tennis together and blasting some loud music. The students were the DJ, so I learned a lot about Korean boy groups. After that we went back to the classroom to watch a movie and eat some snacks. For one day, it was nice to enjoy our time together and make up for some of the other ideas that have to be postponed.

Now we are into our final week before the mini-summer. We have parent-teacher meetings starting tomorrow. I will get my smile ready! As for you, you have three days to tackle your summer homework. I suggest you finish it fast this week so you can enjoy next week.

Warming up with table tennis!
Watching a movie together.