Bible Reading – July 2021

Today was my turn to give a reading from the bible. The news from around the world has been difficult to watch recently, and I feel like there are many ways people are divided. So, I wanted to read something about what makes people the same. It is from Galatians, chapter 3, verse 28.

28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

The bible teaches us clearly that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord. God created each of us, Christ died for all our sins, and everyone is welcome in the Christian faith.

Recently on TV we see in America, and around the world, people protesting with the message: BLACK LIVES MATTER. It is a movement that is seeking equality in society for people of color, and protection from police brutality. The recent protests were triggered by the murder of a black man, George Floyd, by a white police officer. However, the roots of this unfairness in society extend far back into history.

You may think that this problem isn’t a Japanese one, but it is here as well. I’ve been told, “go back to your country” by someone trying to hurt me. It worked; I’ve never forgotten it. Even in language the Japanese word “gaikokujin”gives the image of two groups of people, Japanese people inside the country and everyone else outside it. In this globalized world, that way of thinking has to change. And, it is yourjob to change it as you grow up and enter society.

Today’s world is divided in many different ways. There are lines on a map. There are people of different colors. There are people with enormous sums of money, and others with nothing at all. In the end, we are all children of God, and should seek to create a planet where we can all find happiness and peace. That is both our right and our responsibility as people on this shared earth.

Math and statistics in the real world. – July 2020

Hello everyone,

Right now you are all studying hard for your final exams. Sometimes my students say to me, “Mr. Allen, why do I have to study math?” Well, the math and logic you study now helps you understand the world around you. Take a look at this video about the corona virus in America:

USA Reopening

To understand this video, it is important to understand some basic mathmatical and statistical concepts. If you do, then you can be a better informed person, and make better decisions in your life.

If you watch this video, please come and tell me about it. I think it is both interesting and important. Good luck today, stay at home and study tomorrow, and see you on Monday for Day 3.

7 Months! – July 2020

Hello everyone,

Yesterday after lessons my class had short homeroom to finish the day. As usual, the day duty students read the announcements and homework for the next day. Then, before we said goodbye, I asked my class “when were your last tests?”

They had to think for a moment. May? No, mid-term tests were cancelled. February? No, we finished the school year with with no tests. Your last tests were in December, 2019! That feels like a long time ago now, seven months!

That is a long time without taking any tests. It also means that there is a large amount of material for the tests to study. Have you taken good notes? Have you asked teachers questions about what you don’t understand?

As we get ready for the tests to start tomorrow, I hope you can prepare your body and your mind. Eat a good dinner, get enough sleep, and study your material deliberately. Good luck.

English is Everywhere! – July 2020

Hello everyone,

These days the weather has been very bad, especially in western Japan. I hope your homes and your families are ok. Every morning I wake up and check the weather conditions, I imagine you do too. Well, if you do something everyday, try to do it in English! That is called a habit, and it is a nice way to have English in your daily life.

For example, the Japanese government has a weather website, and the information is in both Japanese and English. You can find it here:

If you don’t know some of the words, that is ok. Check your dictionary, or change the website languange back to Japanese to check. When you need information, it is easier to remember it.

This goes the same for many things. Try changing your smartphone language to English to learn other new words that you use everyday.

Have a good week and stay dry!