Christmas in August! – 2019

Hello everyone,

It has a whiteboard, and a timer too!

It is the end of August and everyone is back to school. Did you finish your summer homework? Actually, in summer, teachers had summer homework too! This summer each class was outfitted with a new projector system, and teachers had to learn how to use it. It is really amazing.

Now, the projectors are over the chalkboards, and to use it we only need to pull the screen down. ALSO, the screen works like a whiteboard, so using special pens we can write on the screen. I think this is very useful for social studies, so we can mark maps, and English, so we can correct mistakes.

Naka-sensei’s social studies class.

It also works with computers and ipads. So teachers can more easily prepare
materials, and continue the lesson without erasing things. It will also save a lot of paper too.

Do you have any ideas for how we should use the  new system? If you do, please come and tell me. See you next time,