“The Calm Before the Storm” – July 2019

Hello everyone,

Today is the last day of classes for term 1. It feels like yesterday that the new year started, and now it is time for summer! The next three days are parent-teacher interviews, so this afternoon the students have study time while teachers get ready.

In English we call this situation the “calm before the storm”. It means that there is a peaceful time before a very busy time. It is a chance to prepare, so don’t waste it!

Students, also, have a storm of summer homework. So for today and the next three days at home, hopefully they can use the calm time to get a lot of it done. Then they can enjoy their holiday fully. Do your best!

Volleyball Day 1 – July 2019

Hello everyone,

Today is the first day of the high school volleyball tournament. When I came to school this morning, there were already many students practicing outside! It was very early, but they had lots of energy. Good luck to everyone today!

There are three important words you should know for volleyball.

Number 1: Bump!

Number 2: Set!

Number 3: Spike!

Have fun!

Shin-ai Junior College Visit – July 2019

Hello everyone,

Yesterday the first grade junior high school students met at Shin-ai Junior College for a day of studying and activities. It was a big challenge for students, because they had to meet at the college. So, before the day each student had to submit homework where they researched their transportation and time. At 9am everyone was there with no problems. Good job!

Our program was:

  • A lesson from Mr. Ito about disasters.
  • A lesson about design from Mr. Izawa.
  • Lunch!
  • Touring the school.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Mr. Ito’s talk…

Mr. Izawa’s lesson…

Getting the clay…

The final result… they will be delivered to students after they dry and fired…

In the bridal salon…

Rain – July 2019

Hello everyone,

We are in the middle of tests and it is another rainy day. Actually, English has a lot of different ways to talk about rain. Here are a few of them:

It is drizzling outside.” This is for light rain. If you are not outside for a long time you might not even use an umbrella. You will be “damp” in this rain.

“I was caught in a downpour,” or “I was caught in a shower.” No, you are not taking a shower in your house, but this is a quick rain that catches people by surprise. You will be “wet” in this rain. You also sometimes say “It is raining on and off,” which means it will rain a little bit at a time all day.

“It’s really coming down out there,” or “It’s pouring.” This is for heavy rain. If you don’t have your umbrella you will be “soaked,” or completely wet.

What about “It is raining cats and dogs”? You sometimes see this in textbooks… but nobody says that in daily life these days. It is a good reminder that language is always changing, and what we study must change with it!

Good luck in your last two days,