Eiken Interviews – June 2019

Hello everyone,

Tests start this week, and on Sunday the Eiken interview test will take place. Most of you are probably taking the test at Wakayama University, but check your mail carefully for the place.

No matter if you are taking grade 3 eiken for the first time, or challenging the pre-1 level, some of the skills are the same.

  • Be confident. When you make your greeting, have good eye contact and a clear voice. The first image you make is the most important, and will help you with your attitude score.
  • Read loudly and clearly, with your back straight. You don’t have to read too quickly. Where there is a period or a comma, take a breath.
  • Look at the interviewer when they ask a question. It is easier to understand when you look at someone’s face, rather than looking at the card.
  • If you miss a question, don’t panic. Many people miss a question and still pass the test.

Don’t forget to practice before you go. The test questions have a pattern, so learn the pattern and you can focus on your ideas. If you need any help or advice, come talk to me!