“I’d like to go on the same road as my mother.”

Hello everyone,

This week I gave my high school students this homework:

Every job is different. I learned important things from each place I worked at. In the future, what work experience would you like to have? What skills do you want to get? Talk about part-time work or your career.

Today I would like to share some of the answers. From class H2G, 

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My favorite sentence is “Good communication is vital to become a working member of society”. Something that is ‘vital’ is something we cannot live without. We sometimes use the word for parts of our body. For example, “The heart is a vital organ.”

Secondly, we have a girl from H1G who wants to be a math teacher.

A nice sentence here is “Mathematics is a subject that expands various ways of viewing a problem, as well as how to solve it.” Another way to write this is that “math lets you see many sides of a problem.”

Lastly, we have another student who wants to be a teacher. Her mother went to Shin-ai and became a teacher. Now this girl wants to do the same thing. It is a nice story!

“I’d like to go on the same road as my mother.”

What a great image! I am sure your mother would be proud too. Do your best, and you can make your dream come true. Final tests start on Friday. Good luck everyone!