Lunar Eclipse – Nov. 2021

Hello everyone,

Did you look up at the sky last night at about 6pm? There was a lunar eclipse and we were lucky to have a clear sky in Wakayama. In English we use the word “lunar” to talk about the moon, and “solar” to talk about the sun (like solar power). This was a lunar eclipse, so the moon disappeared for a few minutes, and then reappeared. Here is a terrible picture I took with my phone, maybe Mr. Morikawa took a better one!

Good luck on your tests!

Women in the space industry – Nov. 2021

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I read an interesting article about women running their own space companies. One of them, Naomi Kurahara, works with people who want to launch their own satellites. The other, Lena Okajima, has a company that makes man-made shooting stars. They are both good examples of the possibilities for women to work in the space industry.

Our school has our Rocket Girls club which launches a rocket in Kada every year. That is a great project, and perhaps the role models shown in this article can help our students see a way to use their experience in the future.

Final tests are coming soon, good luck!