An Early Morning Visitor – Aug. 2021

Hello everyone,

Summer vacation has started! I hope that you can relax and refresh during this time. Of course, some of you are still coming to school to study, do homework, take extra lessons, or meet with your club. Do your best!

I am here a few times this month as well to open the online English room afterschool. I also have a long “to-do” list of jobs I couldn’t finish during the first term. Also, the gym is free in the morning and I enjoy shooting some baskets and listening to music to start the day.

The other morning I arrived at work early and found that someone else was even earlier than I was…

This little guy was inside the school checking things out! I got him on a piece of newspaper and put him outside where he belongs, but later that morning I found another crab inside. Was it the same one? Was it a brother? Why are all these crabs so far from the ocean? Can we give him a name?

Anyway, enjoy your summer and see you in a few weeks.