Elections – Sept. 2020

Hello everyone,

The cool weather of fall is finally here, I am so happy that summer is over.  Near my house there is a sweet potato seller whose truck plays music in the evening.  Rice fields are being cut and the leaves are about to fall.

There is another season happening as well, election season!  While Americans are about to choose their president for the next four years, we here at Shin-ai will choose our student council for 2021.  Today the posters went up in the entrance area.

The grade 2 high school girls.

The grade 1 high school girls.

Good luck to everyone!

A different kind of sports festival. – Sept. 2020

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we had our sports festival at Big Whale stadium in Wakayama. It was really nice to have a big school event again after so long. This year the P.E. teachers had to work hard to think of ways to have a fun, but safe festival. Here are some of the changes:

  • Junior high school students came in the morning, and high school students came in the afternoon.
  • No parents or guests. It was sad that we didn’t have an audience. However, Mr. Morikawa made two videos to give parents an idea of the day.
  • Gloves on the floor. Students wore gloves when they were using shared equipment.
  • No bento. I think this one was the saddest change. Usually students are excited to open their bento to see what is inside. Well, next year let’s have a double bento!

Even with these changes, students still had a good time. Everyone was cheering for each other and having a good time. Thank you to all the P.E. teachers, the student helpers, and staff that helped make this event a good time.

Here is the junior high school video.

Here is the high school one.

M2 Money Plan Game – Sept. 2020

Hello everyone,

The weather is a little cooler this week, and term 2 is rolling towards mid-term tests. In M2, our Nagasaki trip has been cancelled because of covid-19, so we needed some different ideas for homeroom this term. Today we are playing the “Money Plan Game!”

Each group in the class takes the life of one person. Starting in their 20’s and finishing in their 60’s, groups draw cards and make decisions about money in their life. Do they buy the small car or the sports car? Do they get married or not? Do they work hard for a lot of money, or make less money and make more “memory points”?

We are halfway through our 30’s now, and in class C there are groups with thousands of dollars in the bank, and others in debt. How will it all turn out? We will finish next week!

Eiken Results Day – Sept. 2020

Good morning everyone,

It is September now, and a little bit of rain last night made the morning cool when I walked my dog. After I got to school, there were some messages on my desk. Then I remembered, today is Eiken day! A couple weekends ago, many students took their eiken interview tests. We practiced very hard together before school, at lunch time, and afterschool. For many of the grade 3 high school students, passing the test now is important so they can concentrate on their university exams through the fall and winter. Anyway, let me share a little bit of good news:

That is a really nice score for the pre-1 interview test! Even though this student had trouble with the last question, overall she did really well. The jump from grade 2 to grade pre-1 is HUGE, so congratulations.

No matter your level, I hoped you were able to pass the test and use the skills to continue your English study.