Flattening the curve – Mar. 2020

Hello everyone,

We are in the second week of March, and the covid-19 virus is still the biggest news of the day. Some people say that the virus is just like the flu, so we don’t need such a big reaction. However, there are a few things to remember.

Hospitals can help people with the virus if there are only a few sick people. However, if everyone gets sick at the same time, there are not enough doctors or hospital beds to handle the situation. Also, people who are sick for other reasons can’t get the help they need if too many people get the virus.

So, it is our job to “flatten the curve”, and make sure not everyone gets sick at the same time. Having good hygine by washing your hands is important, and avoiding large crowds means not many people get sick at the same time. If we all work together, we can manage this problem as one team. Hang in there!

A chance to refresh! – Mar. 2020

Hello everyone,

It is a very different Monday today. There are almost no students at school, and not many teachers either. I think everyone is surprised with the way this school year ended. However, my grandfather always told me that even if life surprises you, “nothing is wasted”. “Nothing is wasted” means we can learn something from any experience, both good and bad.

So, thinking about “nothing is wasted”, we should try to use this extra break in spring time to accomplish many different things. I also want to refresh and get ready for next year. So, step one is cleaning the classroom. I want the next M1C class to have a beautiful start, so that was today’s job.

The first step to cleaning well is to remove everything and start fresh.
Then you should make a plan of how to clean.
As you clean, you will see a difference! It gives you motivation.
With the help of friends, the work goes fast and it builds teamwork.

You have a lot of time to refresh this spring. How does your room at home look? How clean is your desk? If you are going to study for a month at home, your work space should be clean. Don’t waste this chance, use everyday, and come back a stronger and happier person. Good luck!