A helping hand – September 2019

Last week, one of my grade 1 junior high school students came to me with tears in her eyes. “Mr. Allen” she said, “I don’t know where my school bag is!” “Did you forget it at home?” I asked. “No, I lost it on my way to school.”

This problem happens once in a while, but most often it is the case where a student forgets their bag on the train or on the bus. A quick phone call to the station usually solves the problem right away. Unfortunately, I knew this girl came to school by bicycle. The strap that held her bag on the back rack had snapped, and that meant her bag was somewhere on the ground between her house and school. Worst of all, her bento box was inside! Lunch is important!

But, to be honest, I was not too worried. She was worried of course, because nobody wants to start their day with a problem like this, but I knew everything would be ok. That is because many of our students ride to school on the same road at the same time of day. Also, because the students at our school would definately stop and pick it up. That is the kind of students we have.

Sure enough, 10 minutes later, I got a call that another student had found the bag, picked it up, and had left it in the school office. Feeling relieved, we went to get the bag and the name of the student who found it. My student went off to say thank you, and I went to the teachers room for the morning meeting. Another day of school was ready to begin.

2019 Pretest

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday there were no classes because we had the annual “pre-test” for students who want to join our school next year. This was a chance for them to check their level, and learn what to study before the entrance exam in January. Thank you to everyone who came!

This weekend we will have an event for those students who want to join at high school grade 1. They will receive their tests back, listen to some explination of common mistakes, and then look at different classes in 4th period.

Some advice for those students! (and ours…)

Many students just check the score on their tests, but do not take the time to look at their mistakes. So, they might make the same msitake again in the future. When you get your test back, check your mistakes carefully, and try to have that “なるほど!!” moment. That memory of understanding your mistake is the first step in not repeating it.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday, and good luck!

Our H3 Life – September 2019

Hello everyone,

We are into September now, and the fall term has started. Everybody is getting ready for sports day on October 1st, and before that we will enjoy a culture event on Spetember 20th.

For H3 students, this is their last time to enjoy these events. They are busy studying for their entrance exams. Because they are almost finished, I recently asked an H3 class to write about their experiences at school.

Here are a couple of their relies that I thought were interesting:

Right now is a busy season, but I hope you can all enjoy the tiem you have left, and make important memories to carry you through. Keep fighting!