Well done drama club!

This morning after our festival in the gym, grade 2 and 3 students left to prepare for the festival, while grade 1 junior high and high school students stayed and watched the drama club. It looked like a Romeo and Juliet-looking version of Momotaro this year. Everybody laughed, and everybody enjoyed! Good job!

Before / After Wakabasai Cleaning Time

Hello everyone,

Today is Wakabasai! The school festival is on a special day this year… Sunday! It is the start of the 10 day Golden Week holiday and so many people will be able to come to our school and enjoy the festival. Let’s have a good time.

Last evening and this morning teachers and students helped clean the school for today’s event. When I came this morning, there was one place that still needed some work… in front of the teachers room! There were many small shoe marks on the wall, and a blue tinge waist high… Can you imagine what its from?

It is this pose right here. Waiting for teachers with your butt on the wall and one shoe up. To be honest, I am disappointed when I see this. Would you put your shoes on the wall in your home? Of course not! So don’t do it at school.

Anyway, with a little time and “elbow grease” <-(check your dictionary) I was able to get it looking a little better. It isn’t perfect, but if we tackle the problem day by day, it will improve.

Come to think about it… that is true for anything, whether it is cleaning, diet, music, or studying.

So enjoy your festival, have a good Golden Week, and remember, improvement comes little by little, day by day.

Enough writing, it is tamasen time!

Day 2 (and 3!) of our new students camp

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a very busy day, and when we finished our programs it was already time to sleep. So, today is a double update. Yesterdays program was:

  • Morning meeting
  • Cleaning
  • Breakfast
  • Dodgeball practice
  • Mr. Yamano’s talk
  • Lunch
  • Field Search
  • Group Speeches
  • Dinner
  • Candlefire Ceremony
  • Bath
  • Good night zzz…

As you can see it was a very full day. The main challenge of this camp is to learn how to work together in a busy schedule. Everyday at school is also busy, but if we support each other, we can all work as one to accomplish our goals.

This morning students again woke up, had a morning meeting, then breakfast and cleaning time. Now they will finish their program by thinking about how this camp can help them in their school lives, and writing an essay about it. After that it is time for lunch and then the bus home. Tomorrow there is no school for M1 students, so please get a good sleep, double check that your homework is finished, and rest tomorrow. See you on Tuesday!

Day 1 of our new student camp

Hello everyone,

Right now it is 20:45 at our new student camp. We had a busy day that started with a bus trip and then a picnic lunch outside in the sunshine. Our second picnic already this year! After that, our students listened to Sr. Morita and Ms. Okamoto talk about how to be a good Shin-ai student. Then, Mr. Miyamoto helped us practice making formations, and we played some teamwork games.

Everyone was hungry by the end of the day, and our challenge was to “clean our plates”. Our girls did a good job of finishing their dinner. They must have been hungry from their busy day! Following dinner we met in classrooms to make our class goals for the year.

Now it is time for a bath and off to bed. See you tomorrow,


“Be There” is the most important thing.

Hello everyone!

Grade 1 junior high school students and teachers are getting ready for the new student camp tomorrow. Students need to pack their bags by themselves, so they should double-check everything. At the new student camp our grade one students will study, play, eat, and sleep together. It is a good chance ot make new friends and learn how to be a Shin-ai student.

The most important thing for students is to come every day. If you miss school, two things happen. First, you fall behind in study and homework. It is difficult to catch up if you miss many days. Secondly, you miss memories. Right now classes are working together to prepare for the school festival. These are important times in your school life, so don’t miss these chances!

This year’s first year students are doing a good job of coming to school every day. I hope to see many more days of “all zeros” on the teachers’ room chalkboard. Do your best!

Next stop Kihoku, Allen.

Wakayama Castle Picnic

Hello everyone,

Let’s go to Wakayama Castle!

The weather is getting warmer, and it FINALLY feels like spring. Yesterday we had homeroom in the afternoon because grade 2 and 3 classes are getting ready for the school festival. Grade one classes do not have to prepare for the festival, so teachers wondered “What should we do?”

After we checked the weather forcast and saw that it was a beautiful day, we decided to have lunch at Wakayama Castle and enjoy the cherry blossoms. After that, Mr. Baba gave a lesson about the different finds of plants and trees around the castle. He is a science teacher, and an expert on different kinds of plants. In fact, he uses pictures of different flowers on his New Years card every year!

Enjoying lunch by the cherry blossoms…

Mr. Baba talking about the different plants at the castle…

We also checked out the small zoo behind the castle, and then we walked back to school just in time for cleaning. It was a good chance to make friends, enjoy a beautiful day outside, and appreciate nature.

Have a good weekend!

Online English Lessons Start!

Let’s start our new year. Welcome back everyone!

Last week teachers were working hard to get ready for the new year. Every year we try to improve our school with new ideas and new programs, such as SGH. This year a big change is our online English system. Every student from grade two in junior high school to grade two in high school will have 1-to-1 English training with a teacher each week. This is a special chance for students to practice what they study, and try it with many different people.

Organizing the textbooks…

Yesterday was the first full day of lessons, and everything went smoothly. The technology of the ipads and internet worked well, and the students’ tension when they met their new teacher was very high. After the lesson was over, most students felt tired because it is hard work. However, I am sure that after a few times they will become stronger and more confident.

The first lesson…

Students, if you need any help or have any questions about this new system, please let me know. Good luck, and do your best.