Welcome Back to School Everyone!

Hello everyone.

Last time I wrote, we were saying “goodbye!” to the students who visited New Zealand. I looked at the pictures on our homepage and it seems like everyone had a good time. Living in a new culture is an exciting experience. Not everything is positive, but everything is different.

Last week we had our opening ceremony in the classrooms. This is the first year I can remember having these ceremonies in the classrooms. They are always in the gym! However, this summer has been the hottest summer in Japan’s history, so it is better to be safe with the weather.

I come from Canada, and the weather in summer is different. It is still hot, 34 or 35 degrees, but the air is dry. Even if it is hot, people do not sweat so much. The word we use in English for that is “humidity”. Japan has “high humidity” and my hometown in Canada has “low humidity”.

Anyway, summer is almost over and fall is “just around the corner” – or coming soon. It is my favorite season of all, so I am looking forward to it. If you have a good summer story, or good summer experience, come tell me about it!

Until next time,


Bon Voyage New Zealand 2018!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are surviving this sweltering hot summer. There is a typhoon on the way, but it will not bring any rain to Kansai with it. Hopefully the weather will break a little bit and my vegetable garden can get some much needed rain.

Today a group of our students are off to enjoy winter in August. Yes, they are off to New Zealand! For two weeks our girls will experience a new home and a new school while they study language and culture. Everything will be different for them, but if they go in w ith a good attitude they will have a very important and motivating time.

A few teachers and the vice-principal of the school saw them off at the airport today. Goodbye, and good luck!