“The Nativity Story” Movie

Hello everyone,

Now that tests are finished, the first year junior high school students have a special program each morning this week. Today we watched a movie called “The Nativity Story”. The movie follows the story of Joseph and Mary as they travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The movie tries to show the difficulties they had on their journey, and it ends with Jesus being born. That day is, of course, Christmas Day.

In December our school had a “Nativity Scene” in the entrance way. Do you remember it? There was Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, as well as the three wisemen, shepards, the animals, and the angel.

Tomorrow our students will have a “study at home day” because teachers have many meetings. It is a good chance to get a head start on your winter homework. Do your best!

Winter 2019 Eiken Test

Hello everyone,

Well, tests are finished for this year. Are you happy with your result? If you did not do as well as you hoped, then you you need to think about what you will do differently next time. Each time we stumble, it is a chance to change and do better. When you think about yourself, we call it self-reflection in English. Just like a mirror reflects our own face, self-reflection lets us think about ourselves.

Today was a short day as teachers passed back tests, we did some cleaning, and we had an assembly. During the assembly we heard about the tennis team going to their national spring tournament (fight!), the Cambodia team reported about their Christmas trip (good job!), and studetns got various awards for their work this year (congratulations!).

One student who got an award is in high school grade 2, and she passed the EIKEN pre-1 level test. There is a big jump from level 2 to level pre-1. Not only are the vocabulary and grammar more difficult, the concepts and themes are targeted towards adults. For example:

  • Do you think more people in Japan will be interested in having careers in agriculture?
  • Should the government raise taxes in order to improve public services?
  • Should universities provide more opportunities for the elderly to learn?

I hope that next year more of you will challenge the next EIKEN level so that you can express yourselves in many different ways and on many different topics. Good luck! Remember, if you ever need help or want to practice with me, I am always available.

Graduation 2019

Hello everyone,

Today is a special day for our school. Our third grade high school students have their graduation ceremony with their family and friends. Our ceremony is a celebration with music, singing, and words from people who have supported students through their Shin-ai life.

An English word we can use for today is “bittersweet”. On one hand, it is very nice to be finished school, and to have accomplished something so wonderful. On the other hand, our students are leaving the safety and routine of their school for a future that is hard to imagine right now.

To all graduates, your world is about to open up in many different ways. I hope you explore your new chances and opportunites with the same energy and excitement you brought to school each day. At the same time, keep the important lessons of your school life with you, as they will guide you in difficult times.

Be stong and courteous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. – Joshua 1:9

All the best, Allen.